Play Capsa Susun Online in a Virtual Setting Against Other Players

When it comes to card games, there are very few that provide players with the same excitement as poker. In fact, this game is so popular that new versions have been developed throughout the years. Some of the more exciting forms of poker are those developed in Eastern countries. There is one form known as Chinese Poker, which could be found available online. Referred to as Capsa Susun Online, this type of poker uses a strategy that involves arrangement. The word susun, actually translates into arrange or organize in English.

Online Game Play

Anyone interested in trying their luck at Capsa Susun Online could become a member of one of the websites hosting this game. It could be advantageous to look for a site that offers real time play with actual cash payouts and bonus incentives. The Internet provides a virtual setting where players often have the ability to interact with each other via an instant messaging system. This particular version of poker places 13 cards in each player's hand, which then need to be divided into three separate hands for game play. Two of the hands are made up of five cards while the third consists of only three cards.

How to Win

The strategy used in Capsa Susun Online is entirely up to each individual player. The objective is to win units or points by beating out the hands of the other players. For hands that fall below the numbers other players hold, a point is deducted or lost. In the event of a tie, neither player wins or loses. When creating the initial membership, new players will be required to provide information about their financial institution for the processes of deposit and withdrawal. Any monetary amounts won from a round of poker go into a member's account through which it could be transferred to their bank.